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Selaginella wildenowii

Selaginella wildenowii

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Selaginella wildenowii is a species native to tropical and subtropical Asia, it is mainly cultivated in tropical greenhouses or terrariums. \n \nThis species, like almost all Selaginella, has an incredible color palette, ranging from dark blue to turquoise blue or even red in conditions of water stress. \n \nThis fast-growing species requires high humidity and grows in a wide variety of substrates. Once properly installed, it will give your terrarium a beautiful touch of blue and can largely fill an entire space. \n \nTo limit it you can prune it, thus making it more compact and even more beautiful. \n \n \n \n


Les plantes seront emballées avec soin et expédiées tous les lundi. En fonction de votre adresse, le délai de livraison peut prendre jusqu'à 2-3 jours. Plus d'informations sur l'article de blog consacré aux expéditions.

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