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Sarcopyramis seeds X25

Sarcopyramis seeds X25

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A magnificent species of Sarcopyramis with truly remarkable colors.\n\nOf European production, the Sarcopyramis seeds that I offer are 100% fresh.\n\nThe seeds are less than 1mm, be careful when handling.\n\nThe Prices are indicated for a quantity which varies from 10 to 25 seeds or more indicated in the title by (X20 or X10 etc).\n\n

Some growing tips:

Substrates :\n\nMixture of very finely chopped sphagnum/pine bark 1-3mm (very fine)/river sand (optional)\n\nOr\n\nBlonde peat/perlite\n\nThe substrate must be very homogeneous (mix well your mix).\n\n Germination : Between 2 and 5 weeks depending on the species, however germination may be slower if temperatures are below 22 degrees and can therefore be delayed up to 4 months.\n\n Container : Airtight plastic box large enough to sow your seeds sparsely.\n\n Light : low to medium light, we noted a slight preference for horticultural lamps with a violet spectrum (mixture of red and blue).\n\ nNo nutrients/fertilizers for Sonerila, they do not like being in a nutrient-rich substrate at all.\n\nSow your seeds on the surface without covering them, moisten the substrate without making it soggy and open from time to time. time your container to renew the air.


Les plantes seront emballées avec soin et expédiées tous les lundi. En fonction de votre adresse, le délai de livraison peut prendre jusqu'à 2-3 jours. Plus d'informations sur l'article de blog consacré aux expéditions.

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